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Review of Arthur and Teddy are Coming Out by Ryan Love

Arthur is a 79-year-old grandfather who has been keeping a secret for as long as he can remember. He's gay, and he's ready to come out to his family with the support of his wife and best friend. When Elizabeth, his daughter, takes the news extremely badly, this sends shock waves through the family, especially when her son, Teddy, is also hiding that he too is gay. 

Arthur and Teddy, grandfather and grandson, alongside each other, begin their journey to becoming who they were meant to be and when Teddy meets Ben, his work enemy, something begins to fizzle under the surface. 

While Teddy and Arthur begin to navigate their new love lives, the story is set to be a heartbreaking one at times, but also a smile-inducing one, filled with life-affirming hope and joy. I adored these characters - my heart truly belongs to Arthur and Teddy. My heartstrings became entwined with the storyline, one with a poignant theme echoing through that it is NEVER too late to be you! Arthur and Teddy are Coming Out is an unforgettably gorgeous debut novel, one that will have you thinking about it, long after the final page.

Review by Danielle.

Arthur and Teddy are Coming Out was published on 13/04/23 by HQ Stories.

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