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Review of Clinical Intimacy by Ewan Gass

This month, I truly entered my literary fiction era as I dove straight in to Ewan Gass’ literary debut, Clinical Intimacy, which cleverly asks the question of identity. This unique and thought-provoking novel delves into the sociology behind how we see ourselves vs how other see us, and how that affects our overall identity. Following several interviews from people close to our unnamed protagonist ‘S’ the snapshots of his life are presented, but how reliable are they, especially when seen from several points of view? Clinical Intimacy unravels the complexity of who we are as people in a prose that feels like it could be based on a psychological study, and it’s incredibly fascinating because it causes you, the reader, to question if those close to you were all asked the same question about you as a person, would they all say the same thing? And if they had various answers, which one is true, or are you really the only person who knows yourself? It also begs the question about how we may in fact hold a different persona based around those we surround ourselves with. It is such a discussion subject! Clinical Intimacy explores several themes through several voices and I guarantee you will be HOOKED until the final page!

Review by Danielle.

Clinical Intimacy was published on 25/07/24 by Doubleday.




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