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Review of Rabbit Hole by Kate Brody

Cosmopolitan has named Kate Brody’s Rabbit Hole as one of ‘the 20 best books to look forward to in 2024’. This book is a deliciously dark and twisted debut in which Kate has injected themes of family secrets, true crime, and destructive obsession into its 372 pages. I devoured Rabbit Hole; as a true crime fan, I ate every single word up from the page which left me constantly hungry for more.

Teddy Angstrom is no stranger to morbid public interest, especially after her father died suddenly, ten years to the day after her sister Angie's disappearance. 

Teddy becomes immediately obsessed with solving her sister’s case, as well as finding out what really caused her father’s death. Where do the answers lie? With the Reddit true crime community of course... 

With threads of the case clawing at Teddy from inside a Reddit rabbit hole, we slowly see her becoming consumed by the case, caught up in a fever dream of what ifs, while her suspicion begins to fall on those around her. As family secrets and betrayals are uncovered, Kate Brody and her writing will hold you by the throat until you finish the last page breathless in need of a lie down in a dark room. I was OBSESSED!

Reviewed by Danielle.

Rabbit Hole was published on 18/01/24 by Bloomsbury.

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