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Review of Spoilt Creatures by Amy Twigg

Spoilt Creatures is one of the books that I was so excited to read and it absolutely changed my brain chemistry, what a book!

At the beginning of Spoilt Creatures we meet Iris, a woman who finds herself living back with her mother after the breakdown of her relationship. Shortly after she experiences a crisis - was she invisible? What had the relationship really meant? Knowing that she can’t stay at home with her mother, Iris meets Hazel who lives at a women’s commune. Iris is immediately drawn into the idea of a female-only community, but what follows includes experiences of cruelty, violence and power struggles. I could not tear myself away from these pages!

Spoilt Creatures is a coming-of-age novel entwined around female rage, sisterhood and obsession, where the women find themselves entangled in fear and unable to escape the patriarchy despite having woman at the helm. Amy’s writing is beautiful, her ability to tap into the mind and emotions of her characters alone is impeccable, but she does so with such a unique understanding of what it means to be human. At times, I found that she was speaking directly to me alone through the words of her novel. I found Spoilt Creatures to be powerful, enraging, engaging and a novel that I feel all of us, to some degree, can identify with - add it to your summer TBR asap!

Review by Danielle.

Spoilt Creatures was published on 06/06/24 by Tinder Press.



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