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Review of The Housekeepers by Alex Hay

When Oceans 8 meets Downton Abbey, you get The Housekeepers. This bingeworthy debut novel breathes a lease of fresh air into the historical crime fiction genre, with a cast of ballsy and well-prepared female characters at the frontline, any reader with find themselves invested in the unravelling plotline. When Mrs. King's housekeeper duties at Park Lane are terminated, she hatches an audacious plan to return, but she needs the assistance of some of her fellow maidens. he characters who I met in The Housekeepers definitely left a lasting mpression on me. Alex Hay's writing completely swept me away to 1905, with such vividness in descriptions and wordings, I felt like I was an all seeing fly on the wall. Set during the times of the Suffragettes, women were beginning to establish their voices - the perfect time setting for this novel! This is us hoping that we see more from The Housekeepers cast! Fingers tightly crossed.

Review by Danielle.

The Housekeepers was published on 06/07/23 by Headline.

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