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Review of Experienced by Kate Young

Bette is a little late to lesbianism but she’s set on Mei and ready to speed right ahead on the lesbian timeline train. However, Mei is convinced that Bette needs more ‘experience’ and so begins their ‘break’. Bette reluctantly starts her journey of dating other women and, through this, surprises herself with what she discovers about her sexuality. This new and unfamiliar dating scene is intimidating, but meeting new people is fun and her saucy encounters are interesting to say the least. The deadline for Mei and Bette to reunite is looming but feelings are becoming increasingly complicated all round. Will all this experience change things for them? Were they really soulmates in the first place?

This is the perfect novel for those who enjoy a cosy romance with a little steam and tales of women finding their true selves. On her quest for more experience, Bette has fun for sure, but she also realises that her penchant for monogamy does not make her queerness any less valid, and that being in a committed relationship with someone who can appreciate that is really what she needed all along. I ate this book up so quickly. I can’t recommend this gorgeous, Nora Ephron-inspired romcom enough.

Review by Abi.

Experienced was published on 06/06/24 by HarperCollins.



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