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Review of Above Us the Sea by Ania Card

Dead Ink Books have done it again. 

Above Us the Sea is the captivating debut by Ania Card. We follow Toni, a young woman from Poland studying in Cardiff who makes friends with Gav, a bubbly, vibrant individual, and his partner, Karol. Toni and Gav immediately get on like a house on fire, yet there is a subtle, slow-burning friendship that grows between Toni and Karol over the course of time. This unlikely trio are rocked by an indescribable tragedy, forming the basis for Card’s story which explores themes of sexuality, love, loss, grief, self-understanding and fear.

Set against the backdrop of the Brexit referendum, I was particularly interested in Toni’s experiences as a Polish migrant. Card digs in to the difficulties of language, reading unspoken social codes, feeling lost and attempting to belong. Located in Cardiff, London and Warsaw, these three disparate locations highlight the various competing tensions at play as Toni tries to make sense of her life and build some kind of future. 

This is a book which had me racing through the pages because I was desperate to know the ending, and simultaneously I was so sad when it was over. I also found it really refreshing to read a book based around a fluid love triangle, yet didn’t make that the core focus of the story. This book is an absolute triumph, a great summer read, and I couldn’t recommend it more highly

Review by Helen.

Above us the Sea was published on 11/07/24 by Dead Ink Books.



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