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Review of An Indigo Summer by Ellie Evelyn Orrell

Set in North Wales, this is a memoir of Ellie Evelyn Orrell's return home to practice indigo dyeing with her mother in late summer. The author lets us into the mother-daughter relationship at a time when they are mourning the death of their father and grandfather. It explores grief and the healing powers of art as well as the inspiration that comes with returning home and looking for creativity where it has always been.

You can really feel the presence of the Welsh landscape here, it was a very atmospheric read and one that felt very apt given the time of year. It is a warm and comforting read that reflects the slowed down nature of rural life. An Indigo Summer is a breath of crisp country air wrapped up in a book. 

Review by Abi.

An Indigo Summer was published on 06/10/22 by University of Wales Press.

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