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Review of Attention Seekers by Emma Brankin

Emma Brankin's debut is a brilliantly composed collection of short stories on attention seekers. There's a quirky group of characters here from those stuck in silent retreats to scorned reality TV show applicants. 

There's stories to make you laugh and stories to make you cry but my favourite was probably the opening story which is depicted on the cover - Caturday. 

Following a bitter breakup, Ash sets up an Instagram account for her cat in a desperate attempt to get attention from her ex. When the cat begins to surpass her own follower account, things get even more depressing as she spirals into resentment towards her own pet. Ash finds herself drunkenly DMing her ex and coming up with increasingly ludicrous lies about the cat to keep her attention. It's so shameful you'll find yourself wincing behind the pages but equally relating. We've all been there right? Or we've at least thought about it.

These stories poke fun and shed light on the things humans do to get attention and Brankin manages to remain funny even in the most desperate times. This is the most fun I've had with a short story collection in a long time.

Review by Abi.

Attention Seekers was published on 06/07/23 by Valley Press.

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