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Review of Avenues by Train by Farai Mudzingwa

Avenues by Train is a clever, eclectically written novel which follows seven-year-old Jedza, who witnesses the tragic death of his friend, Dalitso, via a train at a level crossing. It was a quick incident and impacted strongly on Jedza's life.

We are then reunited with Jedza at aged 20, where he lives a life that he feels is haunted by the death that he witnessed more than a decade ago, especially when coupled with the mystery of his sister's disappearance. 

With several themes echoing throughout the pages of Avenues by Train, PTSD is quite a dominating one. We, the readers, are strongly aware that Jedza is tormented by his experiences, leaving those who delve into this story captivated by the constant development of the storyline and Jedza's confrontation of his past. Avenues by Train is a book that needs slightly more concentration, but the chapters flow into one another easily, and the reader is also provided with tidbits of information in the form of footnotes which adds to the feel and atmosphere of the novel especially.

Review by Danielle.

Avenues by Train was published on 26/09/23 by Cassava Republic.

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