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Review of Bad Influence: Reflections on a Life Lived Online by Oenone Forbat

Having built a career online, influencer Oenone Forbat candidly discloses the highs and lows of exposing her life for the the judgement of a digital audience. From fitness fanatic, podcast host, lifestyle guru, to comedian, Oenone has a broad repertoire of social media endeavours. In her memoir Bad Influence, we follow Oenone's journey into accidentally becoming an influencer, the challenges of branding herself, and the ethical struggles of progressing through a fast-fashion centric, disposable, ever changing social world.

In her strive to become a good influence to likeminded young women, Oenone realised rather quickly how an airbrushed life on Instagram is not always the reality behind the camera. She discusses how PR trips would often relieve the pressure of buying food and paying the bills. Yet all her hard work in advertising products and showcasing a brand on her channels is not always rewarded and is often criticised by society as not 'real work'. Having a salary in an advertising company is seen as a proper job, yet being a cog in advertising the products to the right audience, something which is curated over many years, is deemed as frivolous. Being an influencer is not often seen as a full time job, and Oenone demystifies the industry and lays her life out on the page to set the record straight!

Review by Victoria.

Bad Influence was published on 31/08/23 by Quercus Books.

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