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Review of Crow Moon by Suzy Aspley

At heart I’m definitely a thriller girly, so when a debut thriller slides across my bookshelf, I’m like a kid in a very chilling candy shop, especially when Suzy Aspley’s Crow Moon hit my TBR pile this year.

Crow Moon is the first instalment in the Martha Strangeways series, and I cannot wait for future instalments already! Suzy, how did you know that the key to a thriller loving lass’ heart was through an addictive and nail-gnawing debut? Crow Moon is set in Strathbran, Scotland, revolving around the sinister events circling March’s upcoming crow moon as Martha’s friend’s son disappears after sending a ‘HELP’ text.

Martha immediately feels on edge about the teen’s disappearance and her investigative reporter nature kicks into overdrive, especially when she stumbles across the body of missing teenager who has some curious writing on his person - this is when when the goosebumps will multiply and you’ll find yourself securely gripped...and obsessed with Crow Moon! We love MC Martha Strangeways, especially when parts of her history are revealed and it is suggested that, emotionally, she is more entwined with the mystery unravelling that we originally thought. Suzy’s use of vulnerability for her MC cuts through the darkness of Crow Moon and allows rays of hope and healing to shimmer through what is a folklore-drenched tale of pitch darkness, grief and psychological damage. Suzy Aspley has written a nail-gnawing thriller, entwining themes of Scottish folklore that will leave you breathless and wowed!

The writing is captivating and atmospheric, so much so that you’ll be able to feel the icy Scottish air in your lungs and the sound of crows in the distance. 

Reviewed by Danielle.

Crow Moon will be published on 11/03/24 by Orenda Books.

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