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Review of Dark Island by Daniel Aubrey

Updated: Apr 8

One of my favourite things is when a debut author absolutely knocks it out of the park with their first novel AND that novel is the first book in a series that you KNOW you’re going to be absolutely obsessed with... In walks Daniel Aubrey and Dark Island. This is the first book in the Orkney Mystery series - if you’re a fan of location based mysteries, such as LJ Ross or G R Halliday, then you need to get your teeth into this series NOW at book one.

Daniel Aubrey’s Dark Island has reporter Freya Sinclair at the front and centre of this crime fiction series, a wonderfully intuitive, brilliant main character who is waiting on the outcome of an autism assessment. After upping roots from Glasgow to Orkney, she very quickly finds herself consumed by investigating the identity of human remains which are exhumed by a winter storm on the coast. Freya begins to distract herself from the reason that she has moved back to Orkney with her husband, along with her upcoming assessment results, by simply becoming sleuth and honesty and I loved her for it. Dark Island is an incredible first instalment of a brand new series that I just know my crime fiction friends are going to love and devour - the chilling and fast-paced mystery you’ll find within the pages of this novel will have you immediately hooked and talking yourself into reading one more chapter, even though it’s way past your bedtime! Truly an intoxicating and atmospheric slice of murder mystery! 

Reviewed by Danielle.

Dark Island will be published on 25/04/24 by HarperNorth.


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