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Review of Don't Swipe Right by L. M. Chilton

Gwen finds herself single and miserable at her best friend's bachelor party, but her obsession with dating apps is going to change that... Surely? After she breaks up with her long-term partner, Gwen is adamant that she will not be attending her bestie's wedding as a single pringle.

This is where her relationship with brand new dating app, Connector, begins, but it seems to be filled with more toxicity than the apps she's used in the past, especially when all of her past first dates start to become targets for the new serial killer in town.

When it becomes evident to Gwen that she is the common denominator, and her new app beau is luring her into murderous ground, I found myself gripped to every single page and I just could not put this twisty modern take on online dating down! Don't Swipe Right is a dark yet fun new novel which will have you both gasping and laughing-out-loud - not always at the same time! It also spotlights the dangers of online dating, including the catfish aspect.

L. M. Chilton has written an entertaining, quirky modern mystery which gives Sweet Pea by C. J. Skuse vibes with a mixture of You by Caroline Kepnes. 

Review by Danielle.

Don't Swipe Right was published on 22/06/23 by Head of Zeus.

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