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Review of Enchanted Islands by Laura Coffey

I must first say that the hardback copy of this book is absolutely beautiful. Each chapter transports us somewhere new and is bookended with a sketch and a quote. I only wish I had better weather in which to enjoy this summery debut! But make no mistake, this is not a light-hearted read, for Laura’s odyssey around the archipelagos and Mediterranean islands is overshadowed by her father’s terminal illness. It is at once a beautiful memoir of Laura’s fascination with Odysseus, Greek myth and the beauty of nature, and also a reflection on mythology and reality as Laura returns home whilst her father is dying where she is forced to confront the difficulties of grief that she has been running from. This was a touching tale of travelling that inspired me but also reminded me that real life and the future has no map. The author articulates this beautifully and Enchanted Islands is a debut I would wholly recommend.

Reviewed by Abi.

Enchanted Islands was published on 02/05/24 by Summersdale Books.


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