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Review of Everyone Who Can Forgive Me is Dead by Jenny Hollander

The haunting memories of Scarlet Christmas are at the front of Charlotte Colbert’s mind as it edges towards the ten year anniversary of the event. Things are made worse as Charlotte finds out moves are being made to bring these tragic events to the big screen by someone she used to know.

Ten years after the bloodshed of Scarlet Christmas, Charlotte has rebuilt her life. She’s the head editor of a magazine and she’s happily engaged to the rich and powerful son of a business woman. As the media resurface the events of Scarlet Christmas, Charlotte relives the trauma of what happened on that fatal night. Is she a victim? Is she a survivor? Is she something else completely? Everyone Who Can Forgive Me is Dead is an irresistibly compulsive thriller that will consume your hours until you reach the final page, after which you will then need a dark room and a strong cuppa to process what you’ve just read in the BEST possible way!

Reviewed by Danielle.

EWCFMID was published on 06/02/24 by Constable.

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