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Review of Fifty Minutes by Carla Jenkins

Twenty-year-old Dani is ready to get her life on track. Her Dad’s died, her eating disorder is controlling her life and all she wants is to go back to university so she can take that first step towards recovery and a new life. Dani decides to invest her very limited income in a psychotherapist, Dr Richard Goode, but will he solve her issues or make them worse?

As we attend Dani’s psychotherapy appointments with her, we begin to understand that Dani concocts imaginary scenarios between herself and Richard. She knows that these must stay in her head until an unexpected turn of events. What transpires is an elicit imbalance of trust, and emotional and mental manipulation which quickly escalates. Fifty Minutes is a quick paced chilling thriller that explores the themes of boundaries, power and control in such a captivating and shocking way. Definitely a sizzling literary thriller that will have you completely rooting for the protagonist and bubbling under the surface with anger!

Review by Danielle.

Fifty Minutes was published on 16/05/24 by Trapeze.



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