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Review of Happy by Celina Baljeet Basra

Happy Singh Soni is an idealist. Living up to his name, he wades through his own little world, cheerful and assured that his dream of becoming a triple threat- auteur, actor and writer- will come true. But Happy acknowledges that to make his larger-than-life idea a reality, he needs to venture out of his small town village, and get to Europe, the birthplace of modern cinema. As Happy embarks on a treacherous journey to Italy, misfortune in the form of criminal exploitation strikes, leaving him vulnerable and disenfranchised in a foreign country. 

Through the eyes of a young idealist who wishes to fulfil the European Dream, Basra explores the often perilous and exploitative journeys immigrants make in search of a better life and how criminals exploit this idealism for personal gain. Both a scathing attack on the exploitation of immigrants and a celebration of the impact of cinema, Happy is simultaneously a celebratory and informing work revealing the too often marginalised experiences of immigrants. 

Happy was published on 14/11/23 by Headline.

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