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Review of Here in the Dark by Alexis Solowski

Here in the Dark by Alexis Solowski is a dark literary thriller which incorporates aspects of the theatre and death, entwined around each other in an embrace that, for Vivian Parry, has blurred the lines between real life and fiction.

Vivian Parry performs the role of Manhattan's sharpest theatre critic, immersing herself fully in every show she sees. By day, she uses work, sex, and psychotropic drugs to keep her comfortably numb.

Alexis’ writing is utterly atmospheric, and absolutely encloses the reader within the confinements of Vivian’s life. When David Adler, an enigmatic graduate student, approaches Vivian with a request for an interview, Vivian is more than happy to accept. After the interview, Vivian receives a call from David’s fiancé telling her that she was the last one to see him alive and the police are refusing to investigate. This is the role that Vivian is more than happy to slip into the shoes of, she’s ready to play the part as though her life has now become a theatre play and she’s the amateur detective to solve this case!

What transpires is an obsessive case of obsession that you’ll not be able to pry your eyes (or ears!) away from!

Reviewed by Danielle.

Here in the Dark was published on 18/01/24 by Raven Books.

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