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Review of How (Not) to Have an Arranged Marriage by Dr Amir Khan

This debut rom com is a hilarious and honest look into modern day arranged marriages. Through multiple perspectives, the story follows a Pakistani family where mother Feroza's purpose is to marry her children into well respected, Muslim families. Her son Yousef is her pride and joy, studying medicine at university to become a doctor, but while away he falls in love with Jessica. She's beautiful and intelligent, but Yousef must hide their relationship from his family because she's white. Rehana, Yousef's sister, wants to find love yet admits defeat when she struggles to find someone herself, so puts her trust in her mother to find her a partner. Through a Muslim matchmaker, Rehana s presented with a  line of potential suitors and hopes one could become the love of her life.

This novel was such an insightful lens into Pakistani culture, arranged marriages, what constitutes as racism, traditions, and true love. Such a delightful read, I was connected to all of the characters and rooted for their happiness.

Review by Victoria.

HNTHAAM was published on 07/09/23 by Pan Macmillan.

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