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Review of I’m F*cking Amazing by Anoushka Warden

As well as giving a voice to the chronically misunderstood condition of vaginismus, this debut is a raw, unflinching and genuinely vulnerable portrayal of long-term relationships; how they break down, how they thrive and the work and self-reflection it takes to be in one. 

With it’s combination of describing flings, affairs and sexy encounters alongside genuine love (both the bad side and the good), this book reminded me of classic feminist literature of the 1970s sexual revolution. Think Fear of Flying for the 21st century.

There were parts of this novel where the tone felt a little underdeveloped (I’m not sure what the inclusion of ‘Top Humps’ cards added in the first part, for example) and, at times, I grew a little tiresome of the main character and her problematic ways but the author drew me back in with her acute descriptions of conflict. Anouska Warden’s ability to describe a dual descent into toxicity and sometimes even violence, was something that particularly stood out to me. What this novel does best is showcase how an undercurrent of mental health and physical health problems can boil over and become something toxic between two people who intimately share their lives but fail to share their struggles. 

Reviewed by Abi.

I'm F*cking Amazing will be published on 21/03/24 by Trapeze.

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