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Review of In Such Tremendous Heat by Kehinde Fadipe

In the bask of Singapore's stifling heat, this novel follows three Nigerian women - Dara, Amaka and Lillian - who meet one evening at a book club for Black women. Their lives become instantly intertwined through their relationships with Lani, Dara's office rival. As he tries to steal her chance of becoming partner at her fancy law firm, he gets entangled in a love affair with Amaka, and when he enquires about Japanese lessons at the language school Lillian teaches at, she finds that he has an uncanny resemblance to her late father.

All three women are grappling with their identity in a city which seems to suffocate them through microaggressions, sexism and a sense that they don't belong there. Family feuds, complicated love and toxic masculinity are all prevalent themes, but at its heart, this book is about how even through hardship and betrayal, strong female friendship can overcome anything.

Review by Victoria.

In Such Tremendous Heat was published on 06/07/23 by Dialogue Books.

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