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Review of Kala by Colin Walsh

The hottest mystery of the summer: who killed Kala? In the small Irish town of Kinlough, three friends Helen, Mush and Joe reunite after the disappearance of their friend fifteen years ago. Told through alternating timelines of then and now, we learn about the fierce and scandalous friendship of six teenagers where it's them against the world. But in a town like Kinlough, what lurks in the shadows are far more terrifying and dangerous than they ever thought. 

When Kala's remains are found in the woods, everything is dredged back up and the friends are interrogated about what happened the night she disappeared. Mush's aunt is supposed to get married to Helen's father, but the festivities are pulled to a halt when Mush's twin cousins vanish; it feels as if history is about to repeat itself. As a journalist, Helen is thirsty for a story and to piece the jigsaw together. From Kala's mother to the eerie farmhouse out in the Warren, the pieces are slotted together but a gaping hole remains. 

Back then, the gang was such a force to be reckoned with. Interspersed within the mystery was a coming of age story of teenagers trying to come into themselves and learn to be free in an Irish town that tired to keep them at bay. Unearthing the secrets of Kinlough's underbelly and the illegal goings on out in the wild, the gang don't know how to react to the horrors going on outside their garden fences.

What a punchy literary thriller which will have you devouring every page to discover what actually happened to Kala!

Review by Victoria.

Kala was published on 06/07/23 by Atlantic Fiction.

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