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Review of Lord of the Empty Isles by Jules Arbeaux

Looking for a science fiction romance novel with themes of  LGBTQIA+, found family and vengeance? Then please pick up a copy of Lord of the Empty Isles this June!

Five years ago, Remy’s brother was murdered via a death curse ordered by an interstellar pirate, Idrian Delaciel. Out for revenge in the name of his brother, Remy casts the same curse upon Idrian, only for it to rebound and fatebound him to the root of his family’s grief. The death curse used means that Remy can’t carry out his murderous plan without also taking his own life.

The premise of Lord of the Empty Isles, I felt, was quite a unique one. At the beginning I found myself piled under the complexity of world building, and the history of the interstellar war and faming that had swept across the planets surrounding Remy’s home. Remy’s enemies left bloodshed in their wake BUT after Remy infiltrates Idrian’s crew, Remy realises that everything is not as it seems... Is his enemy the reason why many are actually still alive?

Jules has given us an incredible story of enemy-to-saviour, found family and connection, along with grief and hope. Lord of the Empty Isles is a queer-tastic read that will have you rooting for the characters and crying with them during their darkest times. Such a wonderful and profound read!

Review by Danielle.

Lord of the Empy Isles was published on 06/06/24 by Hodderscape.



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