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Review of Love Letters to a Serial Killer by Tasha Coryell

The Death of a Bookseller meets Sweet Pea in tone, Love Letters to a Serial Killer is the new razor-sharp thriller on the block this July, and a title that needs to be on your summer TBR.

Thirty-something year old Hannah has recently been ghosted by a man, and she slowly becomes obsessed with the uncovered bodies of several women and the man accused of murdering them all, William. Frustrated at the male species and yearning for some sort of understanding and human connection, Hannah reaches out to William as he awaits trial. After shockingly receiving a reply, Hannah becomes more and more intrigued by the very charming may-be-murderer, even though she’s covertly investigating him for serial murder. Along with a REALLY great plotline, this writing completely sucks you in! I can’t say Hannah is a completely likeable character, but as a person she fits seamlessly into the story, it was meant for her. The plot also makes you think about women’s attraction to serial killers, is it better to fear the devil you know? Does it make women feel safer?

Review by Danielle.

Love Letters to a Serial Killer was published on 20/07/24 by Orion.



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