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Review of Minor Disturbances at Grand Life Apartments by Hema Sukumar

An enjoyable summer read from an exciting new author, Hema Sukumar brings us into the lives of three people who live in the same apartment block in Chennai. Whilst navigating their own personal struggles their building faces being demolished by a developer. Can they save the place they all call home? 

I enjoyed the focus on South Indian culture in this book, particularly the detailed description of so much good food! This is a perfect book for those lazy summer evenings when you're looking to get swept up in a story. I personally could have taken a little more plot development between Lakshmi and Kawala, but I very much look forward to Sukumar's next book! 

Review by Helen.

Minor Disturbances at Grand Life Apartments was published on 27/07/23 by Coronet Books.

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