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Review of My Name Was Eden by Eleanor Barker-White

Warning Readers will not be able to resist reading in one sitting!

My Name Was Eden is a chilling psychological thriller that fans of Ashley Audrain will absolutely love. This thriller plaits themes of Vanishing Twin Syndrome, mother and child relationships, marriage and grief into a brilliant novel that will give you goosebumps while you hang on every single word that Eleanor Barker-White has written.

Lucy has a daughter, Eden. After an accident, where Eden was rushed to hospital after almost drowning, Lucy’s life is forever changed when she comes face to face with a grief that has stayed silently at her core for fourteen years. When Eden begins to insist that her name is Eli, the name that Lucy secretly gave Eden’s twin (who vanished during gestation) Lucy is faced with the strain and reality of her relationship with her daughter.

My Name Was Eden is a brilliantly written, compulsive thriller, that grabs your attention from the very first chapter. I loved the sense of unreliability and taste of tension in the air. A brilliant read from an author who is definitely, securely now on my radar, and should absolutely be on yours!

Reviewed by Danielle.

My Name Was Eden will be published on 14/03/24 by HarperNorth.

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