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Review of No Life for a Lady by Hannah Dolby

28 and unmarried, Violet Hamilton is worrying her father. It is 1896 after all, and an independent woman is a dangerous thing to be. But longing to work and support herself is not the only unusual thing about Violet, she's recently taken it upon herself to solve the case of her missing mother.

She disappeared from Hastings pier ten years ago and Violet is determined to find answers despite her quest being considered 'no job for a lady'. Violet enlists the help of a seaside detective who turns out not to be quite what she expected but there's a lot of fun along the way.

Written with an abundance of wit, this historical debut is a charming read. It's been compared to the likes of Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus. If that sounds like your cup of tea, definitely give this a go. Or if you're new to the genre, I would definitely consider this a good way in.

Review by Abi.

No Life for a Lady was published on 02/03/23 by Head of Zeus.

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