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Review of Nothing Serious by Emma Medrano

This contemporary novels explores the connection between two women who feel like they have no one else to talk to. Nicki is in her thirties and experienced a traumatic childhood of family abuse. She is now a victim of domestic violence living with her boyfriend, Tom, who she repeatedly cheats on by hooking up with men on Tinder. Amber is seventeen and doesn’t feel as if she belongs in her friendship group at school, battling an eating disorder encouraged by her mother without recognising the harm she is inflicting on her body. As a prank, Amber sets up a Tinder account for her English teacher Kevin to entertain her friends so they see her as fun and exciting. Then one day “Kevin” and Nicki match on Tinder.

Without realising she is being catfished, Nicki opens up to “Kevin” about her struggles. She believes that ‘Kevin’ lives in Perth, Australia and finds she can talk more freely with him than with her therapist as it is easier to talk to someone on the other side of the world. Amber finds a friend in Nicki and also reveals how difficult she is finding school with university application deadlines fast approaching. 

In an age where the internet can connect people and create a world of safety and honesty, this novel serves as a heart-warming and authentic story of two unlikely friends coming together. While Nicki is unaware of the true identity of her cyber pen pal, that doesn’t mean “Kevin” is any less real. 

Reviewed by Victoria.

Nothing Serious was published on 18/01/24 by Michael Joseph.

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