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Review of One Christmas Morning by Rachel Greenlaw

We know it’s a little early but for those looking to get in the festive spirit, One Christmas Morning is for you. Eva and James met when their eyes locked over a library bookshelf (be still our bookish hearts) and they knew they were soulmates. Ten years later they’re married with plans to start a family but everything changes one Christmas morning...Three years later. they’re reuniting at a Christmas party at an old country house and Eva secretly hopes the festivities will bring them back together. But her expectations don’t quite meet reality.

On this Christmas morning, everything changes again as Eva wakes up in someone else’s body. And then someone else’s and someone else’s! She relives Christmas from the perspectives of those around her and it leads to a big epiphany. Think A Christmas Carol meets Freaky Friday. Perfectly heartwarming for those nights curled up next to the fire with a book and hot chocolate.

Review by Abi.

One Christmas Morning was published on 12/10/23 by HQ.

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