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Review of Peach Pig by Cecilia Knapp

This poetry collection is one of the most candid I've read in a while. Cecilia Knapp is raw and unflinching in this debut. On one page she'll explore sex, bodies and shame with wry humour and on the next she writes of hopes and dreams. 

I found Knapp's guilt around moving away from her small seaside hometown especially interesting. However it was the theme of grief that really stood out to me in this collection. Knapp writes with rare honesty about her brother's death and his struggles with addiction and it isn't pretty but through it all there is love and compassion for a brother she cared deeply for. Some of these poems are a complex read and will leave you with a peach pit in your stomach. It is worth it though for the poet's incisive wit and unique lyricism. I'll definitely be keeping my eye on whatever Cecilia Knapp does next.

Review by Abi.

Peach Pig was published on 06/10/22 by Corsair.

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