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Review of Queuing for the Queen by Sweta Rana

Queuing for the Queen is set across twenty four hours, with a cast of characters who all meet while waiting in the line to show their final respects to our late Queen Elizabeth. Our main characters are Tania and her mother, Rani, who borderline estrangement, but are brought together when Rani rings Tania and asks her to share this royal experience with her. By hour 2, Bermondsey, we can already feel the clashing of this relationship but we are unaware why, but I was IMMEDIATELY invested in this intriguing mother-daughter drama. Amongst the chapters written from Tania's POV, we have flashbacks from Rani, which adds further layers and understanding to her struggles and story. This really opens up a further dimension to this incredibly gorgeous novel. Along with Tania and Rani, we meet a lovable collection of characters, including a young Welsh lad, Owen, who is a Queen Lizzie whizz, and Harold who you really can't help but love. This character collective feels very much found family! Queuing for the Queen is a special and wholesome novel, which will leave the reader uplifted and with a huge smile on their face. 

Review by Danielle.

Queuing for the Queen was published on 06/07/23 by Head of Zeus.

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