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Review of Salmacis: Becoming Not Quite a Woman by Elizabeth Train-Brown

From divine to demonic, this debut poetry collection is full of myth and metaphor. Inspired by Ovid’s tales, Train-Brown draws upon the story of Salmacis, a young nymph who spied on Hermaphroditus bathing. Legend has it that Salmacis, consumed with passion, entered the water and the two became one - part man and part woman. Here, the tale is re-examined through a modern lens to explore our ideas of gender identity.

The collection is rich with references to gods, monsters and mythological history, which I found deeply interesting - but don’t be put off if that isn’t your thing! The poet explores anguish, self-annihilation, menstruation, sex, gender, and writing, all within these 60 or so pages. It’s a beautifully lyrical debut collection with real power in its pages. My favourite poems included ‘3am voice notes on snapchat’, ‘lessons I almost learned’ and ‘daphne’.

Review by Abi.

Salmacis was published on 31/08/22 by Renard Press.

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