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Review of Send Nudes by Saba Sams

In this impressive debut, Sams has taken a magnifying glass to the nitty gritty of girlhood, and the result is a collection of stories that capture the experience so perfectly you may feel as though some of the prose was pulled from your own brain. From story to story we are swung from chaos to euphoria, from unconventional families to toxic friendships, online  dating and, of course, sending nudes. 

This collection feels like a punch in the gut and a kiss on the cheek. It is tender but unflinching, disgusting yet beautiful, with characters so well-written and tales so expertly crafted that it is hard to believe this is a debut. My personal favourites were Tinderloin, Snakebite and Send Nudes. Already a 2022 stand out, Saba Sams is an author to watch for sure.  

Review by Abi.

Send Nudes was published on 20/01/22 by Bloomsbury.

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