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Review of Shark Heart by Emily Habeck

Shark Heart is a gorgeously spellbinding novel that will have you swept away within the crashing waves of a truly well-constructed storyline and chapters. Shark Heart follows the story of newly married couple, Wren and Lewis, two completely different characters who work in marital harmony. A few weeks after their wedding, Lewis is diagnosed with a very rare condition, Carcharodon carcharias mutation, a.k.a. Lewis is slowly turning into a great white shark. 

After the shock of the diagnosis, Lewis begins to degenerate, while Wren tries to come to terms with losing the love of her life. Unable to come to terms with her husband's prognosis fully, as Wren watches Lewis develop a carnivorous nature, she begins to dwell upon repressed memories surrounding a similar turn of events that occurred earlier in her life. Shark Heart is a stunningly written, multi-layered, unique novel that dips into the subject of love, loss and what it means connect to another. The short captivating chapters will wrap around you and hold you until the very last page. A novel that I wish I could read all over again for the very first time. 

Review by Danielle.

Shark Heart was published on 03/08/23 by Jo Fletcher Books.

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