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Review of Shot in the Dark by Anna Britton

I did not know that I needed this book (and its characters) in my life until they were in my life, but I was IMMEDIATELY intrigued by the blub and, dear reader, Shot in the Dark did not disappoint my thirst for suspense, twistiness and a damn good duo of female detectives!

We are introduced to a crime at break-neck speed from the POV of the victim, who we learn quickly is seventeen-year-old student Melanie Pirt. Melanie is found on the land of the Dunlow estate, with the landowners becoming fast suspects. The case file falls on the lap of DS Gabe Martin, who is is more than ready to take the lead on her first murder case., and DI Juliet Stern, who is quite cold when faced with emotion. One of my favourite things about this first-in-series was the character connection to one another. Gabe tries her best to bring out the warmth in Juliet, or at least tries to get her to understand the emotion entwined in the case, especially when considering the victim. Both characters have this captivating depth to them, each carrying their own personal burdens. As we settle into the Shot in the Dark, we begin to learn more about our characters and I challenge you not to fall in love with them, faults and all! ALSO, not one, but TWO strong female detective characters? Love it!

The storyline will have you entangled within a web of suspense, betrayal and lies. You can have as much red string for your detective board as you like, but all you will do is suspect. Anna has crafted carefully a crime with side characters, character histories and possible motives which will have you OBSESSED with every single chapter and nugget of information Britton slowly feeds us greedy armchair detectives.

This is a fabulous slice of debut crime fiction! I became a fast fan indeed of Anna’s writing and her leading ladies! I can not wait for what’s to come for Anna, Gabe and Juliet!

Review by Danielle.

Shot in the Dark was published on 26/10/23 by Canelo Crime.

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