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Review of Snap Shot by Ruby Rana

When NHL rising star's, Landan, sexual escapades go viral via a snap shot of his naked buttocks against his penthouse window, all hands are on deck as his agent employs a lawyer to help make all of the controversy go away. In walks lawyer Indi who has a little secret, she still has a huge crush on upcoming NHL superstar Landon Radek which she thought she left behind in secondary school...

What transpires is hot, sizzling chemistry which will leave you needing a freezing cold shower and a smut-loving book pal who you can discuss those steamy scenes with blush. With Indi conscious of her professional standing, herself and Landan can't quite resist that forbidden fruit... each other! At the beginning, the language of this spice level 10 novel felt a bit laughable (tent flaps?!) but as the storyline developed it felt that the author found her stride and I was consumed by Landan and Indi's developing relationship and Indi's sexual growth. 

Snap Shot is the first in the SPICY Ottawa Regents sports romance series with themes such as forced proximity, enemies to lovers, fake dating, spicy lessons and mutual pining.

Review by Danielle.

Snap Shot was self-published by Ruby Rana on 23/08/23.

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