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Review of Star Survivor by Lisa Brace

Four strangers. One Island. Reality TV gone wrong.

Star Survivor is a fresh contemporary and commercial fiction novel, with a light yet at times humorous, dramatic and thought-provoking thread sewn throughout. By incorporating our societal love for reality TV into the storyline, Star Survivor is a novel that appeals to both generation X, as well as post-millennial Love Island fans. How? Because however old you are, who doesn’t love a bit of reality tv drama? This zeitgeist-based read will appeal to the watchers of the first Big Brother series and to the newer watchers of shows such as Love Island. 

What unfolds will alter the way you think about this TV genre, while opening your eyes to the cogs that are always at work behind the scene. We all saw Matt Hancock win I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here...

Star Survivor starts with a reality TV-esque helicopter ride to an island where four mid-list celebrities embark on their journey to become stars in a brand new TV show. They’ve left their families at home and they’re battling for the island crown. But what happens when they land on the wrong island, and those at home think that they’ve come to the worst? And is there anything else at play here?

With an eclectic group of characters, from June, the slowly washed up face of TV, who still longs for another stary spotlight, to Emily, the mumsy instagrammer who has snatched the opportunity to become a Star Survivor cast member (mainly for the promised weight loss journey, and time away from her kids!) Then we have playboy Toby, who got caught with his pants down with the wrong lass. And finally Emily, who floats between this cast of characters but finds a part of herself in every single one of them. At the beginning of Star Survivor we have four strangers, but by the final page we have something that feels like a family, and I love that!

Wrapped within the storyline of Star Survivor is an understanding of PR and marketing, a world that author, Lisa Brace has a well-understood knowledge of. Lisa’s love for people watching and understanding human nature is demonstrated in the character development and the narrative drive of Star Survivor. By taking her interest in humans and their nature, Lisa has cultivated a brilliant, binge-worthy novel that will leave you feeling nothing but satisfied.

Reviewed by Danielle.

Star Survivor will be published on 26/03/24 by The Book Guild Ltd.

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