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Review of Supplication by Nour Abi-Nakhoul

There, within the suddenness of the unending present, I was born.’

If you’re a fan of literary horror, similar to William Friend’s Black Mamba, I feel that this book is the one for you. Nour’s writing and prose are both absolutely stunning and atmospheric, creating a captivating literary journey through our unknown narrator’s experience of grief for a world lost and fear for one that she doesn’t quite understand. Supplication is an intense debut which I found uncomfortable in places, and in others I felt lost due to the over-complication of descriptions. 

I really liked the unnamed narrator angle because, as a woman, is the world not a frightening place at times? Nour did a great job developing this novel into something which became darker and more violent as each chapter went on. I also loved the great use of the title ‘Supplication’ - which is defined as the action of asking or begging for something - in this case, an understanding of our purpose and place in the world.

Review by Danielle.

Supplication was published on 06/06/24 by Influx.



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