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Review of Sushi and Sea Lions by Rachel Corsini

Prima ballerina Daniela switches up her New York apartment for her home back in Queens when a career-ending injury forces her to leave everything she's ever worked hard for. Not only is she saying goodbye to ballet, but also her relationship after finding that her boyfriend Nate has cheated on her. Meaningless hook-ups follow in the wake of her newfound singlehood, but these flings leave her unsatisfied and yearning for that feeling of true love once again. Her friend Vincent, who she's not seen in seven years, may just be the one who can reignite the passion Daniela seems to have lost. Battling his own demons, Vincent is not just a means to bring Daniela back to her old self, but together they might just become everything they need for each other.

There's no shying away from how steamy this romance was - don't let the cute, cartoon cover deceive you. Yet it was the tenderness to Daniela and Vincent's relationship which made them such a loveable couple. While not a massive fan of her nickname for him, "Vin Vin", their relationship was one to make you swoon. It was also fascinating how the novel tackled Daniela's grief for the loss of her love for dancing, and how spending your whole life dedicated towards one dream can leave an astronomical void when you are no longer able to do the thing you love.

Funnily enough, I did expect more sushi and sea lion content, being confused as to how there was no nod to the title until a third of the way through. However, when they did make an appearance, the sea lions were particularly adorable. 

Review by Victoria.

Sushi and Sea Lions was published on 16/05/23 by Creative James Media.

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