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Review of Thank You for Sharing by Rachel Runya Katz

It's been a sizzling summer for romance novels but as we go into autumn, you need to get your hands on Thank You For Sharing! Rachel Runya Katz debut novel had me gripped immediately with the promise of a sizzling enemies-to-lovers romcom and I was not dissapointed!

We meet Daniel and Liyah as they collide during a flight, each realising who the other is but not saying because little do we know, Daniel and Liyah actually know each-other from childhood, where they would both attend a camp for children of the Jewish faith. This is their first encounter in years, but it won't be their last, especially when they are partnered together unknowingly for a work project. With each meeting, the sizzle of chemistry bubbles underneath the surface. Loving the diverse characterisations of Thank You for Sharing, along with the tropes of forced proximity, enemies-to-friends-to-lovers will keep you engaged and rooting for Daniel and Liyah!

Truly smile (and at times giggle) inducing, Thank You for Sharing combines all the ingredients of a must-read romance novel, to create a delicious read that the reader will lap up greedily, leaving them fully satisfied!

Review by Danielle.

Thank You For Sharing was published on 14/09/23 by Hera Books.

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