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Review of The Amendments by Niamh Mulvey

Updated: Apr 8

Three generations of Irish women all have their own past when it comes to their relationship with faith, freedom and the changing landscape of Ireland. When Nell and her partner Adrienne are about to have a baby, she grapples with the secrets she’s kept since her teenage years which are preventing her from moving forward in her relationship. Her mother Dolores was a part of the women’s rights movement and spent her young adulthood amidst the rebellion while coming to terms with her own standpoint and voice among the noise. Then there is Martina, a woman Nell confided in when she felt most alone and needed guidance. As all their stories diverge and impact each other, the women grow to understand more about themselves, but also the world which tries to suppress and control them.

Mulvey’s debut novel is just as moving and vivid as her short story collection Hearts & Bones, and is perfect for readers who love Irish literature as well as stories about womanhood, youth and finding freedom. This novel is one of heart and hardship which immerses you within the women’s rights movement in Ireland through many decades, discussing issues of abortion, motherhood, rape, and the involvement of The Church in Irish politics. 

Reviewed by Victoria.

The Amendments will be published on 18/04/24 by Picador


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