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Review of The Burnings by Naomi Kelsey

It's 1589. We are transported to North Beswick where the paranoia of King James VI has women burned at the stake when a man cries "witch". As the fear of witchcraft increases under the reign of the delusional King, two women from different lands are brought together to save the Princess betrothed to the man at the helm of royalty.

When Princess Anna of Denmark travels across the sea with her courtier Margareta, she meets Scottish housemaid Geillis who, although very different, are all brought together in this strange world of good and evil and suspicion where the fear that embeds the generation may be the tool needed for women's political gain. Naomi Kelsey has definitely made her voice heard in the genre that is historical fiction, with spellbinding characters, a subject that definitely piques your interest, and writing that you could live in for days. While transporting the reader to one of the most horrific times in our history, The Beswick Witch Trials, the connections between the characters add a lighter tone at times with female friendship, support and empowerment all rolled into one. In a world of powerful men, the combined trauma of women bind them together within this dramatic and treacherous time.

Honestly, there were so many great quotes but this one in particular gave me the Macbeth vibes!

'There hasn't been a monarch in history whose hands weren't bloodstained. But the most dangerous enemies are those who make sure others' hands are stained darker.'

Review by Danielle.

The Burnings was published on 08/06/23 by Harper North.

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