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Review of The City of Stardust by Georgia Summers

The City of Stardust follows the Everly family. Each family has their secrets, but do they have their very own magical curses?! The curse finds the brightest kin of the family kidnapped by tormentor Penelope, who quotes that a debt is owed to her, yet the current generation do not know what the debt is. However, they do know that they must protect their youngest and brightest -Violet. Violet’s mother, Marianna, abandoned her ten years ago on a quest to break this deathly curse, weaponed with a keep around her neck, but after her non-return, the debt falls on Violet’s head.

I was immediately spellbound by the prologue of The City of Stardust which touched upon cases of young children going missing around the human world, but why? The first chapter opens up a magical whirlpool of intrigue and stardust, with characters (*cough* Ambroise), who contribute towards the knitting of this sweep-you-off-your-feet fantasy novel brilliantly. The storyline is written using a mixture of POVs and descriptive sections which slot in wonderfully with the unravelling of events as Violet is determined to travel through worlds and answer the questions regarding the curse that her mother was unable to break.

A fantastic slice of escapism that you will not be able to stop yourself from gobbling up - it is an absorbing, stunning, beautifully written book with a magic and dark undercurrent.

Reviewed by Danielle.

The City of Stardust was published on 25/01/24 by Hodderscape.

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