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Review of The Coming Darkness by Greg Mosse

Set in a near future where global warming and pathogenic viruses have  caused society to unravel, Mosse imagines a dystopia not so far from our own world. We follow protagonist, agent Alexandre Lamarque on the tail of global eco-terrorists set on destabilising climate controls. There’s the classic power struggle here between those who want to use  modern technological advances for the greater good and those who want to use them for destruction. 

This is a very complex thriller that requires a lot of attention to detail but it is worth persevering with. There’s a lot to unpack and it deals with some very prescient topics. I therefore see this fitting very well  into the dystopian canon. A must read for fans of the genre. 

Review by Abi.

The Coming Darkness was published on 10/11/22 by Moonflower Books.

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