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Review of The Dark Within Them by Isabelle Kenyon

A psychological thriller which tests the faith of matrimony and how far you would go to cover up a secret. Faith healer Amber meets Chad on a healing retreat and they marry soon after. Amber and her two children Gilly and Ivan move into Chad’s house and have to start over. It’s in this new town and living with a new father figure which puts a strain on their family bond. Under the influence of the Mormon church, Chad is desperate to discipline fifteen year old Gilly after she sends inappropriate photos to a boy, which leads to a fatal mistake after a house party.

While the beginning is rather slow going as Amber and Chad meet and move in together, the pace quickens with Gilly’s impending conversion therapy to undo her forbidden desires. It is after a tragic accident where Chad must choose between what’s right and following his church leader, that leads to him and Amber keeping a secret from everyone which will either bring them closer or tear them apart.

For those who love to read psychological thrillers through the lens of religion and what one would do for love, then this is the book for you. 

Reviewed by Victoria.

The Dark Within Them will be published on 28/03/24 by Fly on The Wall Press.

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