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Review of The Days I Loved You Most by Amy Neff

I was not prepared to cry my eyes out at 12:15 am when I finished this beautiful, stunning, brilliant debut! I’m saying it now, The Days I Loved You Most is one of my favourite EVER books and I look forward to recommending to everyone who I could possibly recommend it to!

The Days I Loved You Most is a poignant love story that follows Joseph and Evelyn. Sixty years after meeting Joseph and creating a family, Evelyn is struck by a diagnosis that will change everything. Together, Joseph and Evelyn decide to end their lives in one year, or risk a life without one another, something that Joseph can’t fathom to think about.

Joseph and Evelyn’s love story wasn’t always an easy one, they’ve had to navigate loss, estrangement, building a family and all the stress that life throws at us, but it is also a celebration of life and love. Amy Neff has created characters that feel authentic, and I fell utterly in love with them both. I laughed with them, swooned with them and cried devastatingly for them. This is such an unforgettable novel which I will think about often. For fans of The Notebook and Me Before You, this is ABSOLUTELY a novel that will sweep your heart away! 

Review by Danielle.

The Days I Loved You Most was published on 30/07/24 by Bloomsbury.




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