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Review of The Deadly Spark by Roxie Key

Roxie Key takes us to Brighton, where multiple cases of deadly fires are starting to occur and our protagonist DC Eve Starling is on high alert after the cases begin to resonate with her uncomfortable past.

I was immediately intrigued by The Deadly Spark, Roxie’s writing was to the point, with well described crime scenes and well-researched terminology when it came to fire investigation scenarios. I can’t say whether I liked or disliked our main character DC Eve Starling, I struggled to connect with her at times but as the storyline developed, I felt that she was the right lass for the job.

I enjoyed the way in which Roxie structured The Deadly Spark, with chapters from various points of view that took the reader from past to present. I love when an author uses this type of storytelling because it definitely does up the intrigue and the mystery. The twists of the novel were well curated and the storyline unravelled at a great pace that, along with quick snappy chapters, had me racing through it.

Reviewed by Danielle.

The Deadly Spark was published on 23/05/24 by HQ Stories.


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