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Review of The Eyes Are The Best Part by Monika Kim

A feminist literary horror for all those in their weird girl book era or who enjoyed Boy Parts by Eliza Clark. This debut is the subversive tale of a young woman who, after a meal of fish eyes with her mother, begins dreaming about eating human eyes and soon her taste for them migrates to real life. Her hunger begins with George, her mother’s odious new Caucasian fiancee who is hiding a second life and a fetish for young Asian girls. In attempts to satiate her hunger without hurting her mother, Ji-won takes her frustrations out on other men, another prime target being the annoying faux-feminist slimeball guy from her class.

This debut is a clever and darky funny tale of the makings of a female serial killer told from a Korean-American perspective. Monika Kim builds tension so well that I couldn’t put this book down. Each character feels so real and the descriptions so vivid that I would highly recommend this book to all those who dare to read it.

Review by Abi.

The Eyes are the Best Part was published on 11/07/24 by Octopus.




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