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Review of The Fellowship of Puzzlemakers by Samuel Burr

Sometimes finding your place in the world is the greatest puzzle of all...

The Fellowship of Puzzlemakers will be one of the most wholesome, heartwarming and special novels you’re going to read this year, packed with indiviudals that you’re going to absolutely adore; in particular our main characters Clayton and Pippa.

Clayton has always felt on the outside of the family who took him in when he was abandoned as a baby. That’s except for Pippa, who found him wrapped up on her doorstep: it was love at first sight.

Raised amongst the Fellowship of Puzzlemakers, Clayton feels like he is an enigma in identity. Who is he? When Pippa dies she leaves him one last puzzle to solve that will lead him to the answer he desperately wishes to know - where did he come from? Some chapters are from Pippa’s POV explaining how the Fellowship started and how it evolved into something so special, warm and inviting. These are paired with Clayton’s POV chapters which are all questions, thoughts and self-discovery. The Fellowship of Puzzlemakers is a gorgeously written debut novel, with well developed lovable characters along with a steal-your-heart storyline. We absolutely adored every single thing about this book, it is truly wonderful and it NEEDS to be on your TBRs this May!

Reviewed by Danielle.

The Fellowship of Puzzlemakers will be published on 09/05/24 by Orion.


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